Contributions from a Potential Corpse, Book 1

‘We must wake up. To dream is to be involved in a vortex of form. To wake up is to see the dream for what it is and to see beyond it, to infinity.’ Meditations on the meaning of death, the nature of mind, feeling, spirit and Love, bring insight into the human condition with a positive message to fortify us in these troubling times. The book was written between the 1950s and the 1980s, formulated from Halliday’s experiences in the Second World War and under the subsequent continuing threat of nuclear war. In his Foreword Halliday writes ‘What drives me incessantly to think, to read, to write? The will to love. Nietzsche says “the will to power”. But I say that the will to power is perverted love, and that love wills to love, and that love is work for the development of the functional potentialities of being, infinitely.’ The first five chapters of Book 1 are an excellent ‘primer’ of his teaching. Subsequent sections of the book are aphoristic, a series of meditations on many topics of profound esoteric interest. Book 2 was written in the mid-1970s and contains many graphic illustrations – Halliday was an artist, and used his pen to sketch as well as to write, his diagrams clearly illuminating his writings. Book 3 opens with “Ecclesia Para Hexon”, a favourite concept of the author’s: the body of faithful souls who worship the God of gods. The second part returns to shorter aphoristic writings, the whole illustrated with diagrams. Book 4 continues in aphoristic form covering many and various topics. The four volumes are a manual of self-development for Everyman and Everywoman, a unique treasury of wisdom.

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