Eugene Halliday – a website about Eugene Halliday, his life and works.

Hephzibah Yohannan – Executor of the works of Eugene Halliday © ; editor of Melchisedec Press and the Halliday Review 

Eugene Halliday Association – a new website 2016

Eugene Halliday Archive – Halliday’s books and audio lectures, for free download

Archive of Eugene Halliday’s lecture transcripts and written work. The transcripts have been made by volunteers – you can help by making your own and sending them in. This is a valuable, searchable resource for Halliday students. However, be aware that every transcript is, in effect, a personal interpretation of what the transcriber has understood Halliday to have said. It is always best to go to the source and listen to Halliday’s lectures for yourself.

Dr Alan Roberts – lectures based on the work of Eugene Halliday and subjects or authors such as the Perennial Philosophy, T.S.Eliot, Joseph Campbell, Shakespeare, Rupert Sheldrake, or Patanjali, to the Tibetan Book of the Dead and Finnegans Wake and others.

John Zaradin – friend and student of Eugene Halliday, author of ‘Personal Journey’

‘Waves of the Sea’ by Philip Rose, friend and student of Eugene Halliday.

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