The Conquest of Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are likely to affect every one of us at some point in our lives, hindering our ability to live fully and to interact well with others. In this book Eugene Halliday offers practical exercises through which we can begin to overcome this difficult state of mind and learn to live a more whole and positive life. The author places this problem within the context of a comprehensive holistic and spiritual approach to life.

In his book “The Conquest of Anxiety” Eugene Halliday deals with the fact that a state of fear and anxiety is present, to some extent, in the minds of all people of this world. Here he offers a way to overcome this negative state of mind, which, whether consciously or unconsciously, hinders our interaction with the world and our fellow human beings. He shows the underlying logic of our problem and gives practical exercises – a step by step process – which is clearly explained to the reader. This is most welcome in today’s fraught emotional, social and political climate.

Eugene Halliday’s “Collected Works”, a series of fifteen books, contain a complex of ideas set in relation to each other in such a way that a consistent and logical flow leads the reader from the beginning right through to the end of the series. This complex, based on one main leading idea to which all other ideas relate harmoniously, forms a consistent whole, as one body made of many parts.

Halliday’s books are unusual in that they deal not only with more than one idea per book,  or per chapter, but even with one or more ideas per sentence. In “The Conquest of Anxiety” he sets out in the first place to define the terms which he uses in the book, thus  preventing the usual confusion of undefined terms found so often in general discourse. This is most helpful for those seeking to attain a consistent state of mind, able to reflect the things of this world and of the next in their true form, where all are related to each other. For the reader who loves truth and consistency this book is a very helpful companion on the way to a truly happy life.  

“Conquest of Anxiety” has been translated into German by Christian Handschug, and published as “Die Eroberung der Angst” (2017)