New Publications

New Publications 2022:-
The Conquest of Anxiety, by Eugene Halliday (e-book)
The Way: More Spirit from the Well
, by Philip Rose (HB, PB & e-book)
The Way: Spirit from the Well, by Philip Rose (e-book in addition to HB & PB)
Steps to the Cross, by David Mahlowe (e-book in addition to PB)

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You can buy Eugene Halliday’s original hardback “Blue Books” direct from the Eugene Halliday Association — email here
Reflexive Self-Consciousness is now available as a paperback and e-book — read more. (The hardback is out of print).

The Conquest of Anxiety, by Eugene Halliday (2022)
Fear and anxiety are likely to affect every one of us at some point in our lives, hindering our ability to live fully and to interact well with others. In this book Eugene Halliday offers practical exercises through which we can begin to overcome this difficult state of mind and learn to live a more whole and positive life. The author places this problem within the context of a comprehensive holistic and spiritual approach to life.
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The Way: More Spirit from the Well, by Philip Rose (2021)
Philip Rose writes of the Ancient Wisdom, the perennial, universal religion which lies behind all the major world religions. It teaches of the origin of the universe, the nature of the creator, and the nature and purpose of humanity. Philip, and his mentor Eugene Halliday, bring this wisdom in a renewed form accessible to a new generation. (Read more)


Index to the Collected Works of Eugene Halliday (2021)
A study guide to The Collected Works of Eugene Halliday. His works form a comprehensive guide to self-development, both psychological and spiritual; and an interpretation of the wisdom tradition, East and West, for modern students of consciousness studies, philosophy, psychology, science, religion and hermeneutics. (Read more)


Contributions from a Potential Corpse, Book 1, by Eugene Halliday (2020)
‘We must wake up. To dream is to be involved in a vortex of form. To wake up is to see the dream for what it is and to see beyond it, to infinity.’ Meditations on the meaning of death, the nature of mind, feeling, spirit and love, bring insight into the human condition with a positive message to fortify us in these troubling times. (Read more)


Steps to the Cross, by David Mahlowe (2019)
David Mahlowe, born 1928, actor, and writer, worked in theatre, film, radio and TV. He presented for ABC in the North and Tempo, the first commercial TV arts magazine programme. On Ulster TV’s By This I Live in the late 1960s he was a respected interviewer, compared to Malcolm Muggeridge and Bernard Levin in ‘the delicate art of TV confrontation’. Author with Eugene Halliday, of Shakespeare King Educator, he founded the Melchisedec Press to publish Halliday’s writings.
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The Way: Spirit from the Well, by Philip Rose (2019)
Philip Rose tells of his lifelong search for the meaning of life, his meeting with his friend and mentor Eugene Halliday, and his deep spiritual experiences when alone at sea. A compilation of eight short books written in the ninth and tenth decades of his life, it contains a spiritual philosophy expressed in simple language accessible to all. (Read more)


Reflexive Self-Consciousness, by Eugene Halliday (2019)
How can we deal with the increasing pace and complexity of life, a fear of terrorism, climate disaster, difficult relationships—without falling prey to stress, depression and illness? Halliday shows a way to respond to our situation so that we can live a whole, balanced life, by reconnecting with the true centre of our being, our consciousness. (Read more)


The Paradoxical Ego, by Eugene Halliday and Zhu Kabere (2017)
Who am I? How do I relate to my environment? The ego can be a stable reference for our development or a barrier inhibiting it. Drawing on insights from medical practice, philosophy and science, we consider the role of egoic dynamics in the evolution of consciousness, hopefully contributing to the quest for insight into these profound questions.  (Read more)


Die Eroberung der Angst, von Eugene Halliday, übersetzung ins Deutsche, Christian Handschug (2017) ( Originaltitel, The Conquest of Anxiety )
Den meisten von uns sind die Empfindungen von Furcht und Angst, und deren hemmende Wirkung auf unser Leben, wohl bekannt. In diesem Buch bietet Eugene Halliday praktische Übungen an, mit deren Hilfe wir beginnen können, diesen schwierigen Gemütszustand zu überwinden und ein glücklicheres und erfüllteres Leben zu führen.  (Weiterlesen)


Personal Journey: John Zaradin in Conversation with Hephzibah Yohannan at Chemin de Guitardou, Cambon d’Albi, France (2015)
A Memoir, in the form of a conversation, which describes the life journey, career, personal and spiritual development of the musician (guitarist and composer) John Zaradin. 99 illustrations including photographs and artwork.  (Read more)